Thursday, October 19, 2017

Melody, Douarnenez, Pont Croix and Audierne

Oh I am the smartest person! LOL (I wish) I worked out how to use google maps and embed our travel maps in my blogs. Ha. So satisfying. By clicking on the plus or minus signs on the lower right hand side of the maps you can enlarge or zoom in at will. This helps if you're not quite sure which part of France we're traveling in ... just zoom out using the minus sign until the whole of France is visible.

I apologise that there's not much chat in this blog. Mainly photographs. People and fun incidents are what I really like to chat about, and there haven't been that many for me to tell you about recently. I do want to give an idea as to where we are though, so here goes.

This first map is our wander down to the coast at St-Gildas-de-Rhuys. I just called it St Gildas in my previous blog, but when I was doing this map I discovered that the real St Gildas is part of Vannes and not really on the coast at all.

What the map below shows is the time after our first visit to St-Gildas-de-Rhuys, when we went up to Rennes, back down to St-Gildas-de-Rhuys, up to Mauron to collect my pot plants from a good friend, and then out to Pors Peron where we've bought the leisure home.

Not being securely trained at this stage, and with no fences to contain her, Bridie had to be on a lead outside on the patio for a week or three. She wasn't too happy about it, but sadly that's how it had to be!

At last the shed was put up and I had one day in which to paint the windows ... which I did :-) And so our little "complex" became complete. Just waiting for the garden to take shape now.

There are a few more pics of our stunning roses on my Road Trips with Milly Facebook page. Here:

The days were really hot this summer and we were, of course, reluctant to either leave Bridie alone in a closed-up and hot leisure home, or take her out in a hot motorhome, so we didn't do too much traveling around. We did spend a day in Douarnenez where we had lunch; an evening in Pont Croix for supper; and a look-see day in Audierne where we found a gallery I may submit to.

Douarnenez - above and below. Different parts of the harbour.
I've found a load of more pics of Douarnenez which I'd like to keep with this blog. Instead of overloading the blog, I've made a separate page for them which you can find here :

As you can see, there was loads of boat activity in this part of the harbour.

Pont Croix

Pont Croix is our local town for small shopping expeditions to the Super U, filling up with diesel, the Vet, and the doctor.

Apart from one evening having moules 'n frites  in the town square, I haven't yet properly visited the town. It was a lovely evening though, watching three young fellas playing French bowls (petanque?) and giggling at a large party of folk as their group swelled to about two dozen. It's exhausting for the lips and cheeks being French! As each person arrived they went around to each and every person already waiting there and double-kissed them on the cheek - sometimes not even really looking at the person at all! It was a lesson learned - never arrive late at a party. Arrive late and you're the one going around doing all the kissing. Arrive early and you only need to stand still and offer your cheeks.

The views of the bowls game, and the town square, we captured that evening ... a whole 2 of them. Obviously our meal and spending time together was more important!

It's heartening to see that young folk are keeping the tradition of petanque and bowls (I haven't yet found out the difference between the two or if they mean the same thing!) alive. There's a very active club on the edge of town as well. Way to go Pont Croix!


Our afternoon in the coastal town of Audierne (see map above) was also mainly about boats and the harbour. The first pic shows you a road leading up the hill which I'd like to investigate one day, but on this afternoon our main aim was to find La Galerie which our friends Gearie and Linda Kenworthy had mentioned to us.

Below is the pic of La Galerie

Boats, boats and more boats ....... if any artists out there would like to use any of the images as painting inspiration, you're most welcome. It would be great if you emailed or Facebook-ed me an image of your painting though ... would love to see that please.

Well, that gives you an idea of the environs we're now living in. Next, we'll take you one peninsula up from where we are. We spent a really lovely week at l'Abbe ... with people to talk about! LOL

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