Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm off again!

Abba put it well in their chorus to the song "Here I Go Again". I shall be singing it today - with just a couple of Lynda-inserted words here and there - as I clean out Milly the Motorhome, readying her for my month-long trip to the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

"Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, (Milly) how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, (Milly) just how much I've missed you
Yes, I've been brokenhearted
Blue since the day we (parked you)
Why, why did I ever let you (park)?
Mamma mia, now I really know,
My my, I (just have to travel now)."

Here's our gorgeous girl, looking all spanky new, a few years ago when she became ours in the Wild West of Ireland. This pic was taken in Connemara at Recess.


I do wish Alan could be coming with me, but this time he has to stay home for Mum-caring purposes. Instead, my companions will be loads of paintings bound for three Art Galleries and a Fine Art Auction House in Ireland. There will be three disappointed little grandgirls who won't be able to camp out for a night, telling made-up stories - around a midnight feast of KitKats, biscuits and chocolate milk - with granny in Milly, this trip ... just not enough room! We'll just have to find a new tradition this time.

Right. Off to pack. Now, where is all my French caramel ......

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